MOI6-REC (Recessed)

MOI6-REC (Recessed)

Customizable, Recessed UL 2-Hour Fire Rated Six Inch Poke-Through Floor Box

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Category: MOI6, Poke-Through

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    Customizable, Recessed UL 2-Hour Fire Rated Six Inch Poke-Through Floor Box

    The Recessed MOI6-REC multi-connect is a six inch core, multi-use, flush to finished floor round poke-through that provides easy access to power, voice, and data connections in unobstructed flush-to-floor required applications. The attractive appearance and innovative design create option flexibility and functionality and is scrub test rated for any scenario. Using a six inch hole saw makes installation fast and easy. Future removal and reinstallation is easily accomplished if required. The box is UL 2-hour fire rated for the USA and Canada and is also CSA approved for Canada.

    The box is completely customizable with choice of color, and connectivity (power, communications, AV configurations).


    MOI6-REC top view_350px

    Available cover and color options:

    AHC-CED: Articulated Hinged Cover with Cable Exit Door (Stainless Steel, Brass, Black)

    Configuration options:

    MOI6-REC-DP-C8 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-DPUSB(AC)-C8 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-DP2 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-DP-DPUSB(AC) (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-DPUSB(AC)2 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P2-AV-C6 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P2-DP-C6 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P2-DPUSB(AC)-C6 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P2-AV2 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P4-AV-C2 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P4-C4-AV1.5 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P4-C8 (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P4-DP (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P4-DPUSB(AC) (PDF Drawing)

    MOI6-REC-P6-C4 (PDF Drawing)

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    Drawings and Resources

    Adobe PDF: Download
    AutoCAD DWG:
    Install Instructions: Download