MOI-REC-RES (Residential Poke-Through)

MOI-REC-RES (Residential Poke-Through)

Customizable, Recessed Four Inch Poke-Through Floor Box

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Category: Residential, Residential Poke-Through

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  • Product Description

    Customizable, Recessed Four Inch Poke-Through Floor Box

    The Recessed MOI-REC-RES multi-connect is a four inch core, multi-use, flush to finished floor round poke-through that provides easy access to power, voice, and data connections in unobstructed flush-to-floor required applications. The attractive appearance and innovative design create option flexibility and functionality and is scrub test rated for any scenario. Using a four inch hole saw makes installation fast and easy. Future removal and reinstallation is easily accomplished if required.

    Residential Poke Throughs are available In the configurations below.

    MOI-RES top view_350px

    Available cover and color options:

    AHC-CED: Articulated Hinged Cover with Cable Exit Door (Stainless Steel, Brass, Black)

    Configuration options:

    COMM10 (PDF Drawing)


    PWR2-COMM5 (PDF Drawing)

    PWR4-COMM4 (PDF Drawing)

    DP1 (PDF Drawing)

    PWR2-COMM4 (PDF Drawing)

    PWR2-COMM6 (PDF Drawing)

    SYS-COMM (PDF Drawing)

    DP1-COMM4 (PDF Drawing)

    PWR2-COMM4-DB15 (PDF Drawing)

    PWR4 (PDF Drawing)

    AV-COMM4 (PDF Drawing)

    Additional Images


    • Totally enclosed and partitioned compartments for Power / Voice / Data in one unit
    • 4 to 10 jacks for Voice and Data in one unit
    • Threaded conduit openings reduce the risk of tampering (or need for access to connections) in ceiling space below
    • Completely flush with 1/4″ carpet or other flooring
    • Fast, simple installation (locknut eliminates need for concrete anchors)
    • Can be installed through floor before or after carpet installation
    • Recessed configuration allows for cover to be closed while in use


    UL Listings:

    • CSA #: 212271
    • Meets all UL standards required for the U.S.

    Drawings and Resources

    Adobe PDF: Download
    AutoCAD DWG:
    Install Instructions: Download

    Certifications and Compliances