Lew Electric floor boxes featured in latest University of Kansas studio 804 project

The historic neighborhood of East Lawrence, KS is one that thrives on community engagement, artistic flare and unique expressions of self. This year 18 graduate students from the University of Kansas as a part of Studio 804_16 worked together with professor Dan Rockhill to design and build a 2 bed/ 2 bat, 1600 sq. ft. house on a lot and a half that features an air tight, highly insulated thermal envelope, state of the art heating and air conditioning system, as well as super-efficient light fixtures and appliances. These design characteristics in combination with a 5 kW photovoltaic array (solar panels) on the roof and the proper orientation to take advantage of the sun and wind will assure the owner little or no energy costs. Lew Electric Fittings Company’s PUFP-S floor boxes were used in this home to prevent energy loss by not installing electrical outlets in the exterior walls, thus becoming an intricate part of this beautiful home’s LEED certification..  

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