Lew Electric Kitchen Products

Our new kitchen countertop pop-up outlets will revolutionize the way your islands and counters are designed! Great For: Kitchen counters, kitchen islands, desktops, home office, schools, retail outlets and hotel rooms.

Pop up electrical outlets for kitchen islands and counters!  Eliminate dangerous hanging cords on your kitchen islands by installing Lew Electric’s PUFP-CT counter top electrical boxes. These unique outlets stay hidden as part of the counter when not in use, and when you want to use them, just press the button and a GFI protected outlet pops up! Approved for use in the USA and Canada! Available in stainless, black, off-white and brass.
Key Features: Now includes self testing GFI receptacles as standard. Solves the need to have power where a wall outlet is not possible in kitchen. 2USB models: plug any device into self learning chargers.