Custom Finishes

You can now have a custom color finish for your floor box covers in 38 custom finishes for an extra $79.88, and our Floor Box Cover-up-Mistake Rings for $39.95.  However, they are not intended for high traffic areas like the middle of the floors, and most of the time floor boxes are under a table, or in the corner. They will not stand up year after year if they are in high traffic areas of the room, so please take note.  

When you order a sample chip, we will send it for your approval.  Once you have authorized that the color finish as satisfactory, then we can proceed as these items.  Our custom finishes are non-refundable and are yours to keep. You can call us at 800-260-1181 to order these custom sample chip finishes if you choose or have any questions, or order them on line. These are available in each finish at $3.00 ea., which includes postage.  If they are returned, we will give you full credit towards your custom finish order and a credit will apply.

Custom designs and all hardware are available in the following finishes:
Please note that all custom finishes take up to 4 weeks
to manufacture and deliver. Thanks for your patience!