USPN 10084337 – The Lew Electric PUR15-RSS-QI is a round, spill proof, retractable countertop pop-up power outlet that offers QI wireless charging. Simply set a QI enabled smart phone on the black plastic top to start charging. The pop-up power outlet

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    USPN 10084337 – The Lew Electric PUR15-RSS-QI is a round, spill proof, retractable countertop pop-up power outlet that offers QI wireless charging. Simply set a QI enabled smart phone on the black plastic top to start charging. The pop-up power outlet hides in kitchen countertops, or any worktop surface, and offers protection from liquids. Press the top and pull-up the outlet to gain access to the plugs. When the outlet is not needed, the unit hides out of the way under the counter. 

    Cable-Free Convenience

    No more cables, no more messy charging stations. Simply place your smartphone on the non-slip charging surface that’s designed to help secure your device while charging. Keep charging simple, even when your hands—and day—are full.

    Wireless Charging TechnologyWireless Charging Optimized for Mobile Devices

    Unclutter your space and simplify charging with the PUR15-RSS-QI.  Just lay your phone onto the charging pad and go. Get a fast charging speed up to 7.5W. There’s no need to remove your smartphone from its case when powering up, you can charge through most lightweight plastic cases up to 3 mm.

    The circular top is a black plastic that offers wireless QI charging in both the open, and closed positions.


    Meets NEC Electrical Code 406.5E for Installation in Countertops

    The pop up meets or exceeds National Electrical Code (NEC) 406.5E for kitchen and wet location countertop installations in the USA and Canada. The outlet has tamper-proof plugs and is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed. The complete pop up unit is ETL listed for USA installations, and cETL and CSA approved for Canada installations. The top is UL spill proof rated.

    Waterproof Protection Against Liquids

    The top features the highest water protection of any pop up on the market, and has achieved an industry leading IP54 spill proof UL rating. In the waterproof closed position, a seamless top prevents liquids from entering the pop up. In the open position, a gasket on the bottom of the pop up prevents spilled liquids from entering into the hole in the counter, keeping liquid from entering into cabinets. The electrical outlet passed UL’s 8oz spill test.

    3 Ways to Power Small Appliances and Charge Mobile Devices

    #1.  15A Outlet with Tamper Resistant Plugs
    Plug into two available 15 Amp plugs to power your small appliances.  The plugs are tamper resistant (TR) meeting code, and offer the peace of mind knowing that children can’t put small objects into the sockets and electrocute themselves.

    #2.  Two USB Charging Ports
    The USB ports are rated for 3.6 Amps of shared power. There is a smart chip inside the outlet making the USB intelligent charging ports. The ports automatically adapt to the device being plugged in, and send the maximum amount of power the device can handle, ensuring it won’t be over-charged.

    #3.  Wireless QI Charging Top
    The top offers QI wireless charging, simply set a QI enabled smart phone on the black plastic top to start charging.  The charging works in both the open, and closed position. The top is case friendly, and will wirelessly charge through any non-metal phone case up to 5mm thick. Your smart phone can still be used while it is charging. The wireless charging is certified safe with integrated over-voltage protection, and temperature control.

    The power outlets, USB charging ports, and wireless charging top, can all be used at the same time.

    • Charge Forward: Charge any Qi-compatible device using highly efficient components and an advanced chipset.
    • Case-Friendly: Charge straight through even extra-tough cases.
    • Certified Safe: Eliminate safety concerns with over voltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection, and more.

    Easy Installation – Cut the Hole and Plug in

    This pop up couldn’t be any easier to install for a stone fabricator and electrician. The in-counter outlet only needs a 3.75” round hole cut in the countertop. After placing the unit in the hole, secure to the underside of the counter with the included threaded flange. To power, simply plug the end of the 9’ cord into an outlet. Install the included trim ring, and installation is complete. The cord needs to be plugged into a GFCI outlet, an outlet on a GFCI circuit (typically done at the panel with a GFCI breaker), or an outlet that is tapped off a GFCI outlet. If the outlet recognizes an unsafe current interruption, it will automatically shut-off power to the pop up outlet.

    Retractable Power Solution for Kitchen Worktops 

    The Lew Electric PUR15-RBK-QI is perfect for any countertop location, as well as kitchen islands. It can also be used in potentially wet locations requiring recessed power such as pantries, closets, garage work benches, bars, and varied uses at airports, hotels and restaurants. Use the pop up to power small appliances such as coffee makers, blenders, toaster ovens, warming trays, and other items. It can also be used for charging mobile devices such as tablets and phones via the two USB charging ports. Use the top to charge a QI smart phone in the closed or open position. The pop up can be installed in granite, quartz, marble, wood, laminate, concrete, or any surface up to 2 3/16” thick, where the required 3.75” hole can be cut.

    With the pop up outlet, get power and charging exactly where it is desired in a countertop, while meeting electrical code, and keep dangerous cords from hanging over the sides of counters. It is the most versatile pop up on the market with three different ways to power, and charge mobile devices. 

    *** Our wireless PUR-Qi Series charging watts very between 5W and 10W, which is .8A to 1.4A.  The variance is due to the unknown which is the phone cover.  Larger or thicker covers will cause the phone to charge slower.  The phone charges quickest without any cover on it.  Our wireless charger also has overcurrent, overheat, and over-voltage protection.  When the voltage is over 6V it will automatically cut the power off to protect the phone.


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    • Color:  Stainless plastic top
    • Black outlet:  15 Amp
    • Tamper resistant (TR) plugs
    • USB:  (2) Smart charging 3.6 Amp
    • QI wireless charging top
    • Meets 2014 NEC code 406.5E for countertops
    • ETL listed for USA installations, # 4004534
    • cETL listed for Canada installation, # 4004534
    • CSA approved for Canada, #C22.2
    • Conforms to UL 514A and 498
    • UL listed receptacle, # E60120
    • Water protection:  IP54 Spill proof rated
    • Gasket under bezel to keep water out
    • Bezel size:  4 7/8” round
    • Cutout size:  3 3/4” round
    • Pop up height:  6 1/4″
    • Depth under 3cm counter: 9 1/4″
    • Works in counter thickness: 3/8” – 2 3/16” 
    • Flange width needed under counter: 4 15/16″
    • 9’ corded 3 prong 15A plug
    • Must be plugged into a GFCI outlet 
    • Install using a licensed electrician
    • Consult with electrician/inspector before ordering 
    • Designed for indoor installations only
    • Includes trim ring
    • 1 year warranty

    Drawings and Resources

    Adobe PDF: Download
    AutoCAD DWG:
    Install Instructions: Download

    Certifications and Compliances

    ETL Certification (PDF)