Residential Cross References

 dfb-1Cat#: DFB-1
Steel City: P60-GFCI
Hubbell: N/A
Walker: 895TGFI
Raco: N/A
 dfb-lrCat#: DFB-LR
Steel City: P60-DS
Hubbell: S3925
Walker: 895TI
Raco: 6249
 scf-1Cat#: SCF-1
Steel City: P60-CP
Hubbell: S3182
Walker: N/A
Raco: 6230
 scf-1-cpCat#: SCF-1-CP
Steel City: P60-LCP
Hubbell: S3079
Walker: N/A
Raco: 6233
 504Cat#: 504
Steel City: P67-2
Hubbell: S2930
Walker: N/A
Raco: N/A
 512-uCat#: 512-U
Steel City: 672
Hubbell: B2589 + S2930
Walker: 859SR
Raco: 6220
 523-dpCat#: 523-DP
Steel City: P60-DU
Hubbell: S3725
Walker: 895TSP
Raco: 6284
 524Cat#: 524
Steel City: P60-1/2-2
Hubbell: N/A
Walker: 896-TCK-1/2
Raco: N/A
 524Cat#: 524-3/4
Steel City: P60-3/4-2
Hubbell: S2525
Walker: 896-TCK-3/4
Raco: 6287
 524Cat#: 524-1
Steel City: N/A
Hubbell: S2725
Walker: 896-TCK-1
Raco: 6285
 812-dfbCat#: 812DFB
Steel City: N/A
Hubbell: B2588275+S3725
Walker: 859+895TSP
Raco: 6223+6284
 812-dfb-lrCat#: 812DFB-LR
Steel City: N/A
Hubbell:  B2588275+S3925
Walker: 859DR
Raco: 6224
 812dfbwdfb1Cat#: 812DFBw/DFB-1
Steel City: N/A
Hubbell:  N/A
Walker: 859+895TGFI
Raco: N/A
 812dfbw524Cat#: 812DFBw/524
Steel City: N/A
Hubbell: N/A
Walker: 859+896-TCK-1/2
Raco: N/A
 6304-dpCat#: 6304DP
Steel City: P64-DU
Hubbell:  S3625
Walker: 828P
Raco: 6228
 6304-dfb-1Cat#: 6304DFB-1
Steel City: P64-GFCI
Hubbell: S3826
Walker: 828GFI
Raco: N/A
 6304-dfb-lrCat#: 6304DFB-LR
Steel City: P64-DS
Hubbell:  S3825
Walker: 828R
Raco: 6250